New Site Finished

Finally! Our new site is ready. weltunit shines new again.
Why, you ask? There was a blog before that could have been used?
True, but we wanted to give our projects the frame they deserve and distinguish them from Daniel’s own web place. Admittedly they are overlapping on a personel level mostly but more projects depend on teams that are worthy to get their own space.
The content will be self initiated works as well as client-work that provide an insight to the current ongoings. Over time we even add older projects from the time before weltunit as a company to make the portfolio roots-complete.

weltunit website across devices
When we do something, we do it right: Thats why this webpage is coded according to newest web technologies and will not only shine in your latest browser but also on mobile Devices: iPhones, Androids, iPads and the likes (you can try it: just grab the lower right corner to resize your window). Even older browsers are not left behind, yet we strongly recommend webkit-based browsers like Safari and Chrome.

iA3 Template Grid
weltunit screensizesThe site was build up on the WordPress platform and utilizes the cutting edge CSS3 and HTML5 coding of the iA3 Theme by informationarchitects. The theme is missing some documentation but is otherwise extremely well coded and optimized.
Very helpful in customizing the theme were my studiomates Mikkel of wpkitchen and Darryl of likemined.

With the new site came a new hosting provider. Farewell strato, it broke your neck that you delete mails from the inbox after some months without further notification and no ability to turn that off. Welcome DreamHost, who not only have an awesome admin panel interface but also host carbon neutral (read: green!) and offer affordable unlimited plans.

  • HTML5 W3C web standards