Workshop for the 2007 EASA, the European Architecture Students Assembly, Elefsina Greece.

Project brief:
Add a new layer of information to a building in a participatory way.
Thus breaking the subsequent layers of information which are the hierarchical system of construction, the formal system of the facade, the functional system consisting of walls, windows and doors.

In other words deconstructing the previous/original set of architectonical information and replace or reorganize it with this new information.

This new layer should consist of colours only.

Take a wasted industrial building, which shows a strong structurization, this could be a formal, hierarchical or constructive structure. Best would be a building that is either a bit higher than its surroundings or that sits on an exposed plot.
The main aim is to disintegrate the given structure of the build- ing with an overlaying colorization, that will break the initial formal or constructive pattern and give it a new one that can be either read independently, in conjunction with the old pattern or will give the building a new anchor in its urban context.

The workshop methodic will not include computing in any kind of way, sketches will be made with color crayons we want to sharpen the participant’s sense for handcrafted design. We want to offer an anti-trend to all the contemporary prefab-parametric-cad-cam-cae design practices. What we do will be done by hand, also because we think the situation in Elefsina is inappropriate to embed new media technologies, our workshop is supposed to show that anybody can do something to change an urban situttion.

The outcome is far fletched, and ranges from an monstrous Graffiti-style object, over a very carefully painted storyboard, or a brutal deconstructive and various strict formal patterns, over to rectangular and color coordinated accuracy or shabby trash paint, and generally lead to a conglomerate of the various participant’s ideas, that if seen the optimum will play their colorful game together.
Additionally this will subsequently lead to a new “index” building in the city, deriving from it’s unique appearance as an architec- ture-scale colorful sculpture, and hopefully gain the power to generate new stimuli as a reference point in young urban life.

1 abandoned house in Elefsina, Greece
33 Participants from 14 Countries
3 Tutors from 3 Countries
0,7 Tons of facade colors
200 Cans of Spraypaint
3 lectures
4 Sponsors:
vitex Colour Systems Greece
Montana THE urban Spray Paint Company
OOS AG for Architecture
Gramberg Haberstroh Advertising Technology

Ieva Cicenaite (LIT),
Matas Suipsinskas (LIT),
Tobias Roth (DE),
Frida Vang Petersen (DK),
Rune Madsen (DK),
Donatas Vitkauskas (LIT),
Helen-Rose Condon (IRL),
Zoltan Volcz (HUN),
Nicca Gade Christensen (NOR),
Nora Balacs (HUN),
Zsofi Kocyka (HUN),
Elsa Deconchat (FRA),
Sean Feeney (IRL),
Daria Rizzo (ITA),
Francis Keane (IRL),
Blathmhac Muser (IRL),
Barbara Müller (CH),
Gustav Syzmala (DK),
Rasmus Fasting (DK),
Axel Freij (SWE),
Linus Godet (SWE),
Heloise Cousin (FRA),
Mari Pape (DE),
Carolina Streber (NIC),
Chiara De Notariis (ITA),
Annika Vaisanen (FIN),
Christoph Holz (ENG),
Tove Hermansson (SWE),
Frida Boström (SWE),
Anton Kolbe (SWE),
Simon Kinneir (UK),
Ivonne Michel (CH),
Karolis Kyzika (LIT),

Nikolaj Friis (DK),
Goncalo Manteigas (CH),
Daniel Wahl (DE)